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Welcome. Here you will find links to Wiki pages with vital (and not so vital) information. In addition there are a few wiki pages that provide an easy reference for information that can be found in a variety of other sources.

Intro Videos

I made some introductory videos for the first year’s worth of episodes. Unfortunately, my Vimeo free account is full. I used music from my personal library in the videos. There is no good way to get around the instant YouTube copyright bans even though the Videos are just for us and not generating any revenue. So I can’t post them on You Tube.

In addition, the videos are fairly labor intensive to make and I’m running out of time as it is for many of the game sessions. So, the videos are on hold for now.

Loot Pages

Underdark Loot Undermountain Loot
Big Master Loot Unicorn Dungeon Loot
Gwendolyn The Red Rose of Cormanthyr Makura
Jewelry bag Haldir Jewelry Bag Safwin
Aslyferund’s Armor Mace of Ilmater
Ring of Holiness Library Books
Scrolls purchased from Sumat Red Dragon Loot
Githyanki Pirate Lair Loot Hawkstone’s Bulwark
Staff of Focusing Ferranifer’s Study
Winter Fashion Loot ToH Loot
Brine Dragon Loot Winter Wight Ring

Player Information

Brie’s Dream The Friendly Fiend
Rod of Seven Parts Information Ark of Souls
Altitude Effects Marg Stick Brie dream
Brie God Call Infernal Contract with Ulthut
Deed to Trollskull Manor Rare books for Candlekeep Entrance
Trollskull Manor Ledger Wind Dukes of Aaqa
Planewalker Pandemonium Chocolate Celebration Cake
Fel’rekt Gift to Fria Trollskull Kids
Blue Alley Phrases Winter’s Dream
Divine Intervention for Haldir Haldir’s Choice
Silver Fire Safwin Dream Battle
SDB Demons Space Battle
Deities of the Flanaess Desattyso’s Journal
How Haldir Nearly Ended the Campaign Extract Arcane Aspects
City that waits CTW Riddle
Ability Score Chart Fria’s Demise
Acererak’s Apotheosis Speech


Forgotten Realms1 Forgotten Realms2 Waterdeep

Rules and Such

Character Creation House Rules Combat Sequence
Playable Races Racial Modifiers Proficiencies
NWP Summaries Swashbuckler

New or Modified Spells

Arcane Divine
The Monk Monastic Orders
Monk Game Rule Information ki
Monk Class Features
Fumble Charts Critical Hit Charts
Weapon Slashing
Unarmed Bludgeoning
Ranged Piercing

DM Notes


This campaign takes place in the Forgotten Realms. There is a ton of history and background material that will be introduced as appropriate. It’s way too rich and detailed to try and reproduce in this wiki. Nevertheless there are a number of laws, customs, and norms of behavior that must be observed by the party. Your adventure begins in the kingdom of Cormyr.

There is a book on Cormyr that you can refer to to learn the history, laws, and even the mindset of Cormyr and it’s citizens. I put the book in the media library. Most importantly you must have an Adventurer’s Charter

Adventurer’s Charter

Adventurer’s may not operate as a group without first acquiring a royal Charter.

Charters cost 1,000 golden lions, with an annual tax of 300 golden lions Once a group is chartered, members must wear the group’s badge or coat of arms at all times. This means that you need to come up with a name for your adventuring company and a coat of arms or a symbol of some sort that can be worn as a badge.

Calendar/Time line

Calendar of Harptos

Credits and Sources

Disclaimer No nonsense copyright statement.

All rights of any original material published in this campaign wiki are reserved. This material relies heavily on published material from TSR, Wizards of the Coast, and possibly several other game publishers. Some text from official publications has been duplicated here. There are images used herein obtained from the internet. This material published here is intended solely for the use of the registered party members and registered friends of the GM. Use of these materials in any way, shape or form for any reason other than to participate in the playing of this campaign is prohibited.

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Gnome Tinker
Gnome Tinker Traits

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