Winter is inspired from the backstory of Sather, an NPC in the RToH adventure. In addition, the role of Sather/Winter have been swapped with another NPC named Grunther.

Grunther and Sather were both survivors from an ill-fated expedition into the legendary dungeon, The Tomb of Horrors. The were members of the Band of the Hand led by a formidable fighter named Falon T’Silven.

The Band of the Hand was hired by a wizard/sage named Deysattyso. The task was to guide and protect him through Acererak’s tomb. Deysattyso believed, based on years of research, that the Tomb of Horrors was not Acererak’s final resting place. Rather that there was another place, another tomb perhaps, where Acererak could be found. He had found the Amulet of the Void which he claimed was needed to cross to this other place via a portal that could be found somewhere within the original Tomb of Horrors.

Alas, most of the band of the hand was destroyed during the trek through the dungeon. Winter and Grunther were both permanently maimed.

The two remaining companions fled the dungeon and went their separate ways. Winter, cast the amulet of the void into the swamp near the entrance to the tomb.

After some 20-ish years, Winter began to feel restless. Having lost her faith and her memories of the expedition into the tomb, she booked passage on a spell jamming vessel to another planet.

She ran into another adventuring company, the Legion of Hope, and instinctively knew that she needed them. The LoH helped her heal her crushed leg and to recover much of her memory. She has even returned to the good graces of her deity, Pelor.

Although, she is now terrified to have returned to the Tomb. She is ready for some payback.

She feels good enough that when presented with gowns of the finest make she grabbed several of them and put them, carefully, into one of the LoH’s bags of holding.


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