Alex Kabar 47

Alex the Autognome

Climate/Terrain Any
Frequency Very rare
Organization None
Activity Cycle Any
Diet None
Intelligence Semi- (4)
Treasure Special
Alignment Neutral good
No. Appearing 1
Armor Class 0
Movement 5, Fl 6 (E), Sw 3, Br 4
Hit Dice 5+5 (30hp)
THAC0 15
No. of Attacks 3 or special
Damage/Attack 1d10/1d10 or special
Special Attacks See below
Special Defenses See below
Magic Resistance Nil
Size S (3’ tall)
Morale Fearless (19)
XP Value 975

Alex the autognome (AK47) is a mechanical gnome with gears, pulleys, and bits of magic inside it.

He resembles a gnome, though no one could ever confuse him with a real gnome. Alex is painted, including his face which is painted down to red circles on his cheeks. He walks with a stiff gait, clanking, wheezing, whirring, and razzing, with his arms swinging out of rhythm.

Alex speaks gnomish and Common in a nasal monotone.

AK47 can attack with two heavy metallic fists, doing 1d10 damage each. Unfortunately, autognomes are slow and always attack last in a round when using their fists.

Whichever attack form the autognome uses, it yells as it fights: Crush! Kill! Destroy! Exterminate, exterminate! Maim! Hurt! Incapacitate!

Autognomes save as hard metal. They are immune to poison and all spells except disintegrate.

Combat: Autognomes obey the following directives:
(1) defend gnomes under attack by non-gnomes;
(2) defend yourself against attack; and
(3) defend babies and children from harm.

The last directive arose from the best intentions, but unfortunately, it neglects to specify races; so if, for instance, an autognome sees elves battling young beholders, the autognome blasts away at the elves.

Alex Kabar 47

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