Campaign of the Month: June 2021

Curiosities and Acquisitions

The Price of Being Queen

The New Jersey Devils

We rejoined the Legion of Hope on one of the arched bridges in the City the Waits.

Behind you is the opening to the briny depths of the Aqueous Tower. You have the Silver Key mentioned in Acererak’s riddle in your possession and the memory of victory of defeating the powerful brine dragon fresh in your minds.

After an out of time sequence period of identifying Brine Dragon Loot you noticed some figures moving towards you in an unhurried fashion. As they drew closer, you could see that they were humanoid forms and appeared to be wearing overalls and hard hats. They looked like some kind of maintenance work crew.

However, as the strange work crew came into view, you could see it consisted of a variety of devilish beings. You heard and order from one of the larger devils in the back, the Chief. He sent a representative ahead to meet with you. Brie stepped forward to talk with the creature.


It told you that they were duly authorized work crew sent to recover the crown and scepter from the throne room in the Tomb of Horrors.

Well… hmphh! Fria boldly refused this request and the situation quickly devolved into a battle. Devils began to rush forward to engage the party and fireballs began to detonate.


With each enemy dispatched, another one was ready to take its place. And the larger devils in back continued to pelt the bridge with AOE attacks.


Haldir and Quintus responded with lightning bolts while the melee fighters moved up and engaged.


In the mean time, Quintus moved up but remained out of direct line of fire by remaining below the level of the bridge.


As the melee group began to tear apart the New Jersey Devils more AOE spells were exchanged and Quintus continued to avoid damage below the bridge.


Haldir got off another lightning bolt …


While Quintus moved up and attacked with cone shaped (a spell I don’t remember). This spell did heavy damage and incapacitated several of the foes.


Unfortunately for Haldir, the captain did not like Haldir’s spells and teleported right next to him… uh oh!


In the mean time, Fria and Stick had fought through the legion of devils and engaged the Chief. Brie turned to engage the Captain to protect Haldir.


A couple of devils came up behind Fria and Stick. AND somehow, through the longest of odds, one struck Fria with such force and precision that she was decapitated. EEEK!

There was a momentary pause in the action as the the Legion of Hope looked upon the scene of Fria’s demise. Fria’s head landed at the feet of the devil who cried out in delight.

Those close could only watch as the quick thinking creature grabbed the scepter from Fria’s corpse. It touched the gold ball on one end of the scepter to the crown which was still attached to Fria’s head.

The crown fell away and the devil grabbed it and said, “I got it boss!”

He said a word in a language that you don’t recognize (unless you speak Infernal) and you watch as each of the New Jersey Devils wink out as they teleport away.

The camera zoomed out as Fria’s blood gushes out, quickly freezing on the bridge.