Curiosities and Acquisitions

In the two years since the Time of Troubles, your fortunes waned. You decided to take up adventuring full-time, leaving friends and family behind.

In need of employment, you each made your way to the bustling city of Arabel in the kingdom Cormyr. It is the year 1360 in Dale Reckoning which is a leap year in the Calendar of Harptos.

On leap year day, known as Shieldmeet you joined a new adventuring company sponsored by a little shop, Curiosities and Acquisitions.

In the city, there were a variety of celebrations and events including the Challenge of Champions. This is an event that offers great rewards, and more importantly, bragging rights. In addition, many adventuring companies have become known and greatly increased their fortunes as a result of the notoriety gained as the victors of the contest.

Your adventuring group, now calling yourselves The Legion of Hope, accepted a contract from Curiosities and Acquisitions.


After a stunning victory in the Challenge, you accepted a mission sanctioned by the crown to discover the location of a legendary item known as the Ark of Souls.

Events Summary

Curiosities and Acquisitions

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