House Rules

Here are the House Rules that are in effect for the Curiosities and Acquisitions Campaign.


  1. Player Characters will begin at the 3rd level of experience. (or 2/2 for multi-class)
  2. XP will be tracked by the Dungeon Master.
  3. There are alignment restrictions. PC’s must be Good aligned. True Neutral druids are acceptable. Lawful Neutral would be okay as well. All evil alignments, True Neutral and Chaotic Neutral are not permitted.
  4. There is an expanded list of races available for PC’s. In addition to the normal PHB races I will allow a Tiefling, variant elves, variant dwarves, etc. I will allow a drow provided you can come up with a suitable back story. I will consider other unique races provided you can provide suitable back stories and a rule set or kit for the race. However, there are limits. I will not allow an entire party to have nothing but tieflings, half orc’s and drow. (hmmm…actually that could be amusing…rain check)
  5. See Playable Races for more information.
  6. See Character Creation for more information on determining character stats and such.


  1. Some initiative modifiers are used some are not.
  2. Combat will rely heavily on miniatures and rules from AD&D Combat and Tactics may be used as a reference.
  3. All Combat Encounters will be judged to last one turn regardless of how many combat rounds elapsed.
  4. See Combat Sequence page for more information.

Weapon Speed

Weapon speed is an optional modifier to the initiative roll. I like the flavor it brings to combat. A rogue wielding a short sword ought to have a good chance at striking before a gladiator with a halberd. In addition, weapon speed gives casters a better chance at getting their spells off before a barbarian with a sharpness sword lops their arms off. The problem with the rule as a practical matter is that I find that the combat rounds often count 15 or 20 segments. This slows down game play.

As an alternative I propose the following weapon speed chart:

Weapon Size Weapon Speed
small 2
medium 4
large 6

These weapon speeds will supersede the values listed for each weapon in various material.


  1. Wizards will receive bonus spells for high Intelligence the same way a priest does for high wisdom.
  2. Any memorized priest spell may be switched to a healing spell during combat. (or immediately after combat)
  3. All touch ranged healing spells may be cast at a range of 5’ per level during combat.
  4. Stoneskin area of effect is caster only. Stoneskin spell effect is obvious and visual.
  5. Spell Components are generally assumed to be carried by the spellcaster. However, I don’t have much interest in tracking that. There is the possibility that rare and hard-to-obtain components required for certain high level spells will be tracked.
  6. Polymorph/Shape Change – You must have some knowledge of and encountered any creature you wish to polymorph into. When polymorphing into something for the first time, the PC will not be used to that form and will move at 3/4 movement and attack with –2 to hit. PC’s should keep a record of the creatures they are experienced with.
  7. A full night’s uninterrupted rest in a secure area (as defined by the DM!) will usually restore full health to PC’s. (The purpose of this is to streamline game play).
  8. Spells may have varying results when cast on different planes. You will not know what these might be in advance unless you are told by someone with experience.


No Extra-planar penalties to item enhancement bonuses. Your +1 Long Sword is +1 no matter what plane you may be on.


Should it come into play , descriptions and planar concepts presented in Spelljammer boxed set and Planescape Campaign Setting boxed set are in effect unless noted otherwise by the DM.

Alignment tracking

The dungeon master will track alignment change during this campaign using a point scheme. See Alignment Tracking for more information.

House Rules

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