Character Creation

New Characters

Choose a Class

  1. Humans are the most versatile and common race on Toril. There are numerous opportunities for training and to pick up new skills. In addition, with shorter lifespans humans are driven to acheive their goals earlier and sooner most demi-human races. Therefore, Humans may multiclass and dual class.
  2. Demi-humans are not as numerous nor nearly as common as full humans. In addition, a clan simply may not have the breadth of skilled trainers available to train individuals in multiple disciplines. Plus, with longer lifespans demi-humans do not feel the pressure to achieve and make their mark on the Realms in the same way that Humans do. Therefore, unless otherwise specified by the DM, demi-humans may not multi-class or dual class. Demi-humans usually have certain racial traits (such as infravision) that enhance their skills.
  3. There are no level/XP caps for non-humans.

Choose a name

It is the heartfelt wish of the DM that you name your character and select it’s class PRIOR to rolling any dice. Unnamed characters or named as something like but, not limited to, whatever, hey you, whatsit, whatnot, hewhoshallbenamedlater, etc. run the risk of being named by the DM.

Choose a Race

There is an expanded list of races available for PC’s. In addition to the normal PHB races I will allow a Tiefling, variant elves, variant dwarves, etc. I will allow a drow provided you can come up with a suitable back story. I will consider other unique races provided you can provide suitable back stories and a rule set or kit for the race. I might even allow a half-ogre with a properly signed in blood commitment to role play her well.

Select Alignment

This campaign will contain plot lines of Good vs. Evil. Therefore, there are alignment restrictions. PC’s must be Good aligned. True Neutral druids are acceptable.

Choose a deity

The powers of the Faerûn pantheon are deeply enmeshed in the functioning of the world’s magic, its ecology and the dealings of its beings. It is necessary and required of player characters to identify a deity to which they are aligned and/or worship.

See The Powers and Gods of Faerun and The Faeruniun Pantheon.


  1. Character stats are rolled 4D6 take the highest 3 die.
  2. You may drop the lowest roll and replace it with an 18.
  3. As PC’s you must become the heroes of the story. As such, you should have better than average stats. Therefore, I will allow a full re-roll of stats if the average of all of the stats together is less than 12.
  4. Assign stats as you see fit.
  5. Apply racial bonus/penalty as appropriate.


  1. Player Characters will begin at the 3rd level of experience on the second day of game play. Level is not important on the first day.
  2. XP will be tracked by the Dungeon Master.
  3. You will be informed when your character has earned enough XP to advance a level.
  4. Experience will be earned based on role playing, problem solving, completing quests and advancing the story.
  5. Bonus XP is earned for good role playing, recording events in the adventure log and heroic deeds.
  6. The standard 10% bonus experience earned based on a prime requisite stat will not be in effect. This should allow more variation for characters. For example, a fighter that wants to emphasize dexterity or constitution instead of strength will not be penalized.


Characters may equip themselves with gear as they see fit however, the cost of the equipment is subtracted from the starting gold.

  1. Starting gold is 1d100 x 2 for all characters. If your result is less than 25, you may start with 25gp.
  2. Certain non-magical but, still unusual items are acceptable provided your character has the skills to make it. For example, If you want a spyglass you should have the appropriate proficiency (e.g. engineering). If you want a fancy bandoleer, you should be a skilled leather worker.
  3. No magic items.

Character Creation

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