Curiosities and Acquisitions

At the Yawning Portal
Jergal or Gerbal?

The Legion of Hope set up shop in the Yawning Portal Inn. You are on good terms with the Proprietor Durnan the Wanderer.

You realize that this particular establishment is a hub of adventuring with the main draw the hard to miss Well entrance to the Ruins of Undermountain dungeon. After a several days waiting for Miraclemiss to appear (she doesn’t) her cat, Mr. Bigglesworth, appears (how did he get here from Arabel?).

You notice 3 monks arrive in the main taproom who look quite out of place in this den of adventurer’s. You invited them to join you in your booth. They informed you they were followers of Jergal the Lord of the End of Everything. Dex remembered that Jergal functions as the seneschal of the Lord of the Dead and he keeps records on the final disposition of all the spirits of the dead.

They went on to confide that an artifact created by Jergal in ages past had gone missing, the Ark of Souls. The Ark is a tool used by Jergal as an aid in performing his tasks of dis-positioning souls of the recently deceased.

The monks believe that it may have been stolen at the behest of a powerful being attempting to cheat death and become immortal. The powers of the Ark in the wrong hands could be used to cause great woe in the Realms.

The monks had contacted Vangerdahast who in turn had informed Miraclemiss and (as a backup) also assigned you, as employees of Curiosity and Acquisitions, to find and return the Ark.

DM’s note: The above paragraph includes a small correction to the story.

Miraclemiss apparently traced the Ark to Undermountain and went in after it. Unfortunately, the monks have lost contact with her. They now are requesting you to learn the fate of Miraclemiss and, more importantly, to learn the whereabouts of the Ark.

They offer to equip you (normal adventuring gear, not weapons or armor) on their line of credit.

After preparations, you warily descended into the depths of the entry well and began making your way through the dungeon. So, far you have found a strange horned ring, some sticks, two brass keys, a cursed sword, and some glowing chain mail.

Haldir was able to recognize and read a warning written in Thorass. The warning was on the southeast wall of room #1 and it said something about certain death and there was an arrow pointing at the southern archway exit of the room. You chose to go north out of room one and found a room with some Orcs which you quickly dispatched.

At this point the camera slowly zoomed out and we left the party slowly proceeding further into the creepy dungeon.

A royal mission
Vangerdahast's request

The party received a message from Miraclemiss to meet at her shop in the morning. When you arrived, she wasn’t there. Her cat, Mr. Bigglesworth was there and attracted your attention to a crystal ball. Vangerdahast, the Royal War Wizard and advisor to the king, contacted you through the crystal ball and requested your help on behalf of the crown.

You accepted and were informed of the details of the mission. You are to travel to Waterdeep, enter the Undermountain, and capture a stolen artifact… The Ark of Souls.

You are allowed to keep or sell any treasure that you may find (subject to the previously agreed to cut for the shop) but, you must return the artifact to Vangerdahast for safe keeping.

You all received a magical +1 weapon of your choice from the shop.

You subsequently learned from the nearby temple of Mystra some of the details of Undermountain and the ancient wizard who inhabits the complex. It sounded quite dangerous (what fun would it be if it were easy…)

You prepared for the journey to Waterdeep. You first traveled into the elven forest of Cormanthor so that Haldir could find a place to cast his find familiar spell. It went something like this:

The young mage/cleric Haldir Thaliun felt the need for a companion for his coming adventures. After some research, he traveled to the ancient elven forest of Cormanthor (now in the heartland of the kingdom of Cormyr). After some searching he found an idyllic spot and prepared to cast his spell.

Time slowed and a feeling a peace infused his being. He noticed that the colors of the forest appeared more vibrant. He began to feel the energy flowing through the forest. He could almost make out the gentle harmony of the trees and elemental creatures of the forest.

After some time, he came to his senses feeling refreshed and at peace. A gentle breeze teased his hair about and after a few minutes, a beautiful sylph made herself known to him. She, in that uncanny way of women of all races, looked into his heart and saw him as a true and good person. She accepted him as her companion and has declared herself Elysia, Melethril o’ Haldir.

She was the protector of an extended family of young sylphs many sisters and cousins (all female) and requested safe haven for them. Haldir suggested the small shop Curiosities and Acquisitions that had sponsored him and his company of adventurers. The shop is now infested with young sylphs._

You eventually traveled to Waterdeep without incident and are currently staying at the Yawning Portal tavern.

competition accepted and won
making coin

We completed the competition with 350 points and the gnomes came in third while 3 of 4 came in 2nd with 320. We only lost points in the maze and our mage needs to work on his balance.
we won our bets and are in really good shape.

And they're off
First meetings

Miracle Miss (missie sends us to the flying flagon after signing an EULA guaranteeing the 1000 gold she fronted for the adventurer’s registration. The FF has a bard is associated with curiosities and acquisitions shop. Run by rumble belly. The Kobol wanted to sell me a rusty dagger for a GP. RB knows a guy who knows a guy who will take a bet. Safwin bets our team will finish in the top 3 (10 to 1). & win (500 to 1).
greeted by farthingale – reviews rules – 10 challenges, 15 min each. theme person out stops clock. Legion of hope is first into the first challenge. Cuthbar frisks us. wings are bound.
hearth – Tom’s character figured out the trick
tees – ignored the keyword
Lead – stacked and inspected and out
Cyan – thru simple sequencing, one person obtained the items at the other end of the room and then shuttled people back and forth who held their breath under water while wrapped in the cyan cloth. The shuttler was cyan through a spell.


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