Quintus Lusida Vitana

Human Male, MU + Thief, Neutral Good


Quintus has auburn hair and grey eyes. He wears studded leather armor, a large buckler and wields a Long Sword or Dagger.

This character has taken the Rogue “Trouble Shooter” kit. This reduces his Pick Pockets by 10% but increases his “Open Locks” and “Find/Remove Traps” by 5%

Non-Weapon Proficiency:
Observation – (1 slot, general, Int)
This proficiency represents a characters trained power of observation. The character must state what the character is trying to observe, secret door, being followed, detecting poison gas, trying to find pits or snares, etc. Which is also modified by perception, then if this roll fails, he then gets a normal perception roll to detect what he is looking for like everybody else. It also allows the character to detect things out of the ordinary, like if he is about to be ambushed, as long as there is a chance for him to detect this (i.e., he could not detect a thief who has successfully hidden in shadows etc). Characters with this proficiency also have their chances of finding secret doors increased by 1.


Quintus Lusida Vitana

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