Aasimar Paladin




1. Protection from normal missiles 1/week
2. Strength 1/day
3. Celestial Aura (passive) Enemies attack with a penalty of -2 on their to hit rolls.
4. You are immune to non-magical weapons

Side Effects:
1. A sweet, fresh odor surrounds your body
2. Your presence eases animals (animal reactions at +4)
3. You can not be held or ensnared (In other words, it’ as if you are wearing a ring of free action)
4. Your eyes have the power of true seeing 1/day for 1 turn


Brie is a striking beauty. She is bald and hairless with striking green eyes. Her skin is opalescent. She has bright green eyes and long slender legs with high cheekbones

Animals tend to like her and she smells great!


You are the offspring of a Celestial named Skywin Arclight and your human mother Amelia Ravencrest. Skywin was called away for celestial duties before your were born. You have never met him. You were raised as a human and were unaware of your celestial heritage until one stormy night.

You had decided it was time to make your way in the world and you were preparing to travel to the City of Arabel. Your mother handed you sealed envelope, and with tears in her eyes asked you to open it. When you broke the seal, your body went rigid and you rose up into the air and began to spin around with your arms outstretched. You spun faster and faster and a very bright light burst from you. You gradually stopped spinning and floated gently back to the ground. At this point your gained your racial adjustments and you were filled with a new sense of purpose.

You will identify yourself to others as a human most of the time.

Recently, Brie was introduced to a genuine hero of the realms known as Starcast. Starcast was a member of the adventuring company known as The Order of the Phoenix who helped recover the Tablets of Fate and end the Time of Troubles. On the suggestion of your employer, Miraclemiss, Starcast offered to load Brie her sword. This intelligent sword is known as Gwendolyn The Red Rose of Cormanthyr.


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