Curiosities and Acquisitions

Battle Royale II
Chests... so many Chests

The Battle Royale resumed with several party members back in the central arena.

Stick returned from the Lava area and joined Fria, Brie and Safwin there. Meanwhile, Mighty Mac continued to pursue Quintus and Marg continued her efforts to evade a hungry troll.

Several of the portals winked out leaving two active portals to other other areas.

The troll appeared in the arena which Brie handily beat up and burned. Meanwhile, Fria seeing Safwin’s stance, quickly retreated back into the dungeon area where now a blue dragon had appeared. Safwin gave chase and eventually scored the first PVP kill of the match. Fria’s body … as expected disappeared.

Meanwhile, the dragon noticed Marg who had managed to find a scroll with a protection spell on it. The dragon tried to attack but ended up kicking the ball down the hallways a couple of times until Marg managed to hamster wheel it away.

The dragon turned its attention to Safwin who bravely engaged it after suffering through it’s lightning breath attack.

Stick began to pursue Haldir through the other dungeon area and did not succumb to Haldir’s charm attempt.

I’m leaving out a few details with a fight with a mimic and so forth. My fault for waiting to long to record the events.

The camera zoomed out as those in the dungeon with the dragon received a sending with instruction to leave the area.

Battle Royale

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We joined the Legion of hope as the Battle Royale was about to commence. There was great trepidation as a round platform began to be hoisted up into the arena.

At the top the party found themselves standing in a circle around a center area filled with tables and racks of gear.

You immediately noticed something unexpected. There was a dwarf, “Mighty Mac” McAnvil of Clan Bronzebottom. Apparently, he is the current Arena Champion! The Dwarf has won the last 10 Arena matches in a row.

Mighty Mac began the grace period, already armed and armored, playing to the the crowd. Meanwhile Quintus and Safwin the Bold made off with backpacks, knocking things over and creating chaos in the center of the arena.

The crowd went wild!

Haldir cast some spells and crept away with his familiar. Stick grabbed a staff and moved off while Marg cast a defensive spell.

Fria and Brie grabbed what arms and armor they could and moved off.

Quintus cast magical darkness which engulfed the arena but, the in the next round Marg cast a light spell which created a magical connection in the weave and resulted in both spells ending.

By the third and final round of the grace period magical portals appeared in the arena with Marg the Brave being the first to jump in.

Marg found herself in a dungeon complex joined by Fria.


They noticed floating eyeballs following them. In the arena, the images of Marg and Fria appeared in the sky so that the crowd could see them. It appeared to those that could observe the images that there was an alliance of sorts forming.

Stick found himself in a system of caves filled with lava and began to explore..


Eventually, he opened a chest and was attacked by a Salamander. Stick beat up the evil creature with relative ease thereby scoring the first kill. Technically Stick is now the leading combatant with one solo kill to his credit.

The Dwarf, Mighty Mac, spoke Fria and later to Quintus but, now finds himself trudging after the Quintus the swift, as he darts from room to room in another dungeon complex.


Safwin the found himself alone in the arena and set about causing Mayhem, tossing packs and gear around. In the mean time Brie found herself in a graveyard with a large crypt in front of her.


She entered the crypt and opened a chest that was inside. When she exited, there was a blue dragon waiting and it attacked. Brie retreated back inside the crypt and decided to open the sarcophagus. She found a set of adamantine plate armor complete with helm and shield which she donned. Unfortunately, the next thing that came out was a Wight!

Brie wisely fled the area after unsuccessfully trying to turn the foul creature. Safwin the bored immediately attacked Brie but, was unable to penetrate the natural defenses of her fellow Aasimar. Safwin felt a little odd by this attack but, put that though out of his mind and continued his futile assault.

Marg found a troll can cast a Sanctuary spell. The troll then turned his attention to Fria who was trailing behind. Fria began to lead the troll away. Fria returned to the Arena and took up a defensive position as Brie appeared from the graveyard portal..

At this point the camera zoomed out and we left the part scattered throughout the combat areas. The battle will resume in episode 17 – Battle Royale – Pars Duorum

Family Matters
A deal is struck

The Legion of Hope approached the drow city of Eryndlyn. All members except for Fria downed their polyjuice and transformed into dark elves. Brie was particularly lovely in a deadly sort or of way… clearly the potions provided by Jarlaxle worked.

The party entered the city and began to explore the market area. It was too early to gain and audience with Jalynefein. Eventually, Fria decided to attempt to enter the sorcerer’s stronghold by herself. She succeeded in bluffing her way into the stronghold and again to gain entrance to the wizards tower. On the 9th level she met her uncle.

Jalynefein asked that she bring the rest of the party to the tower. When they arrived, he began to question them about the Ark of souls. Once he had heard enough, the arch mage retrieved a crystal ball and cast some sort of powerful divination magic.

In the crystal ball an image of the Ark of Souls appeared. It was still being carried by an assortment of undead creatures. It appeared to be headed towards a temple. The region looked familiar some how. Ah yes, as budding adventurers you have heard of a legendary dungeon on another world. Yes, that’s it. In the world known as Greyhawk there is a dungeon of legend known as … The Tomb of Horrors (gasp). That’s where the Ark of Souls appears to be headed.

The arch mage told the party that he could remove Fria’s geas but, that the Matron mother, Chenzira would demand more. Lloth desired the Ark and since there was no clear way to get it at the moment, she would require some in addition. He offered to negotiate a deal in which the party would provide much needed entertainment for the ruling nobles of Eryndlyn.

If the party would agree to a combat event, a battle royale, then he would guarantee safe passage from the city.

Eventually, the party agreed to this arrangement. The battle will take place in a few days. Enough time to plan and advertise the event. After arranging the deal, Safwin realized that the rod part that he is carrying seemed to indicate that the next piece was somewhat nearby. Further south and lower down from the city of Erydlyn.

At that point the camera zoomed out and left the party to make their preparations for the coming battle.

The deep down under
Entering the caves

The day began with the Legion of hope, well rested after their night with the gypsies, if that’s what they were. They resumed their journey. Memory of the night quickly faded as all of the party felt rejuvenated and eager to hit the road.

As you traveled south, at the edge of the Reaching Woods forest Quintus decided to attempt a find familiar spell. With careful preparation and well guarded by Marg, he performed the ritual and began to wait. He expanded his awareness of the forest and began to truly feel the life around him. The spell was competed. He felt peaceful. Elysia, Melethril o’ Haldir watched nearby, unseen by Marg and Quintus.

At one point, a small portal opened up. A scaly hand reached out and a creature pulled itself through. It was red with small horns and a barbed tail. With an evil grin forming it started to walk towards Quintus. It hesitated as it noticed Margs watchful form.

Elysia launched into action. She put her fingers to her lips and whistled. The pitch of her whistle was so high it was beyond human hearing range. Within moments fey creatures of the forest began to appear. They quickly surrounded the little fiend, preventing its escape. Then a fey power arrived and banished the creature back to the hell it originated from.

The night passed with no sign of a familiar. Quintus was preparing to return to the carriage and felt a presence. A feeling of being watched. Eventually, Sniper made his appearance and landed on Quintus’s shoulder… and said “what the fuck!”

Sniper is a Scarlet Macaw. He is very friendly but, has a tendency to use salty language. Sniper has extremely good hearing and keen eyesight. He is also absolutely stunning with vibrant blue wings, A bright yellow stripe across his wings and scarlet head and shoulders. He is very intelligent.

As you followed the road through the Storm Horns mountains, nearing the High Moors, Fria ranger senses triggered. Something was following the carriage through the mountains. She set out to find the creature. She found its tracks and began to follow them. However, she realized that it was likely that the creature had doubled back and probably was trying to flank her.

Fria changed course and managed to confront the creature. It appeared to be a feline with lightly spotted fir, wide paws, and tufted ears. It showed no signs of aggression. Fria carefully coaxed it closer and it accepted her.

With some careful introductions, Frias new friend Trixie the lynx has accepted most of the party. Trixie did not take well to Alex the autognome, but didn’t not try to eat him. Trixie does look with interest at Sniper however. Looks like prey.

The party finally arrived in the High Moors and began to search for the entry cave. Eventually, it was found after swimming underneath a waterfall. You left Trixie and Alex with the carriage and horses. Trixie can bring down a deer but, a horse is probably too big for her.

You formed up and swam into the cave. Soon you came to a waterfall in another cave. The water cascaded down a passage an unknown distance. But, you all jumped in a leap of faith. You hurtled rapidly down, down , down and dropped through an opening with water all around you, landing with a splash in a large body of water. You pulled your armor companions to the shore and continued on.

Next you came to another underground chasm with a powerful river running through it. On the bank there was a stack of empty barrels. Marg, exclaiming with delight immediately grabbed a barrel and launched herself into the water. The rest of you could hear her shouting with glee as she rapidly disappeared.


Looking at each other you all, one by one, grabbed a barrel and hopped in, launching yourselves down the turbulent river. After some excitement when Safwin fell in the water, you ended up splashing into a large body of water again.

You climbed out and proceeded onward. You soon came to a large cave complex. You began to explore to find a way through and found some chocolate covered gelatinous pizza cubes. There were four of them and several members of your party were paralyzed before finishing them off.


You resumed your trek through the cave and set off some shriekers. You easily dispatched them but, not before attracting a nearby Umber Hulk. It proved to be a tougher foe but, no match for the combined might of the Legion of Hope.

Brie filled a vial with a sample of its blood. The camera zoomed out as the party dusted off and continued further into the caves.

So long Waterdeep
Safwin vs. the Evil X's

We rejoined the Legion of Hope in Waterdeep. Final preparations began for the impending journey to the underdark.

Brie named her pet dragonette Pipette. Pipette seems agreeable to this as long as she is treated well. You notice Pipette sometimes cooks her food with a little breath of fire.

Fria picked up her mechanical friend, Alex. Tomble Quarterwidget, the tinker seems to have done remarkable job not only fixing him but improving him as well. His movement rate is now 4. In addition, his speech seems just a little less mechanical….

Safwin decided to investigate Ramona prior to his date. He learned that she was employed delivering packages for a merchant known as the Amazon… or maybe just Amazon.

Ramona picked up Safwin at the Yawning Portal in a carriage she rented for the evening. Soon the new couple found themselves in the Dancing Court located in southeast Waterdeep in the Southern Ward. They passed through a fest hall known as the Jade Dancer.

Ramona led Safwin to another club behind the Jade Dancer known as RockIt. When they entered a band was playing on stage. Unfortunately, their evening was quickly interrupted by Mathew Patel. Mathew turned out to be Ramona’s ex boyfriend. He told Safwin that they had to fight if he wanted to date Ramona.

To make a long story short, Safwin was challenged by each of Ramona’s 7 evil exes. Victorious he learned enough about himself that he was able to manifest a new weapon from within his own person. The weapon’s name is Makura.

You departed Waterdeep at long last. With Fria’s assistance, you purchased horses for those who didn’t already have them. In addition, you purchased a rather nice carriage and horses to pull it with.

On your 4th day of travel, the Legion of Hope was looking for a camp site south of Dragonspear Castle near the end of the day. Just at that point you came upon an occupied camp site. There was another carriage similar to yours, two armored guards and three female humanoids which you assume were humans, perhaps with traces of elven heritage.

They invited you to share the camp site. You saw a lovely young woman with flaxen hair, a middle aged woman with dark hair and an elderly crone who emerged from the cart. They were all dressed on flowing garments with colorful scarves and large hoop earrings. Gypsies perhaps?

The crone introduced herself as Widowbark and introductions were exchanged.

Fria hunted and brought back several fresh rabbits which you added to the stew the ladies were cooking. Later, you all shared the delicious, well seasoned stew.

The crone offered to read your fortunes. Haldir went first and drew two cards from the tarokka deck the crone had. He received a couple of effects. First three random targets have bonus damage until the next long rest. Second a random friend or foe will be dominated by a random foe in the next combat. uh oh

Haldir began to ask questions and the crone offered to cast divination spell for him. She said she needed a lock of hair to cast the spell which he allowed her to snip. She burned the hair and Haldir was allowed three questions. He learned some more details regarding the Rod of 7 Parts.

Quintus went next and also drew two cards. The two effects were (oh shoot, I don’t remember) two things that also occur during the next combat. Hopefully Quintus made a note of it.

Quintus also willingly surrendered a lock of hair to the crone. With his three questions, he learned that his father was located in Shadowdale and that his name is none other than Elminster Aumar.

The crone showed a brief moment of surprise at this revelation.

You settled down for the night but everyone fell into a deep, dreamless slumber. In the morning you all felt rested and refreshed. However, Fria, Stick, Marg and Safwin were all missing locks of hair. Brie is not missing any hair because she has no hair to begin with. There was no sign of your camp mates.

We wrapped up the day as the Legion departed the camp site the next morning.

Spidey Sense
Fighting, shopping, and talking

The episode began with the Legion of Hope facing another battle.

Quintus handed the rod part to Safwin the Bold as the party prepared for battle. Sure enough more fiendish spiders emerged from the portal. Safwin flew away over a building but most of the spiders teleported after him. One of the fiends manage to trap Safwin in webs and pull him down to the surface of the building.

The rest of the part made their various ways to the scene of the battle and fairly easily beat up the spiders to rescue Safwin.

The party picked itself up and resumed their interrupted sleep back in their rooms at Yawning Portal.

Next their was shopping. Miraclemiss had a number of items in stock that the party purchased including +1 Shurikens for Stick, +1 splint mail (for Fria?), +1 ring of protection for Brie, ring of spell storing for Quintus, 6 potions of healing, and 2 potions of extra healing. You also secured 10 empty vials suitable for collecting material samples for use as spell or magical item components.

You also ordered a cloak of displacement for Haldir and an ever-filling flask of dwarven ale. The cloak will be ready in 3 days and the flask will be ready in 6 days.

In the mean time Fria and Marg took AK47 to Tomble’s Tinkering shop. Fria negotiated a price of 30gp to get AK47 fixed. The work will be complete in a couple of days.

Next Marg visited the temple of Illmater in the city. There she met the high priestess Valeria Delacourt. Valeria invited Marg into her chambers and discussed the possibility of calling upon her for future missions for the church.

Brie, in turn, visited the temple of Tyr. He met with the Captain of the Paladins, Highlord Leoric Von Zeldig

Leoric essentially debriefed her on recent occurrences and encounters. After she described the attack outside of the Yawning Portal, he appeared to be impressed and praised Brie for vanquishing the fiendish spider creatures. He clearly believed them to be agents of evil. The fact that she so easily dispatched the fiends raised her in his regard.

Brie described the search for the Ark of Souls and what was seen in the crystal ball to him. He looked concerned and instructed you to continue to search for the artifact (although he could provide no advice on how to do that). It must be recovered and returned to the gods.

Haldir visited the temple of Mystera but, was largely unsuccessful learning anything there. However, it was suggested that he visit one of the Lords of Waterdeep, Khelban Blackstaff.

On the next day he managed to gain an audience with the Lord. He learned from Khelban that the rod part that Safwin is now carrying is part of a very powerful artifact called the Rod of Law. It was used by a race of beings known as the Vaati (also known as the Wind Dukes). It was created to defeat the Queen of Chaos during a war between law and chaos. It was used in an ancient battle called the battle of Pesh. The Wind Dukes successfully defeated the army of chaos and their general, Miska the Wolf Spider. However, some of the blood from Miska was infused into the Rod and it shattered into 7 parts and scattered around the multiverse.

Khelban pretty much wants the rod removed from Waterdeep to prevent any more attacks within the city.

Later, after a long day you were once again gathered at your normal table in the Yawning Portal. A young woman approached the table and introduced herself to Safwin as Ramona. Her dark hair was dyed with heavy blue highlights. She was wearing a short black dress, boots, a number of bracelets, a choker, and generally well accessorized.

She joined you and squeezed in next to Safwin (not unpleasant at all). She was clearly interested in Safwin. She saw parts of the battle from the previous evening. She told Safwin that she had never dated anyone with Wings before. Wings are cool.

Ramona and Safwin have a date tomorrow evening…

And that wrapped up the events for Episode 12.

But, stuff keeps happening

We joined the Legion of hope in the Yawning portal enjoying a late breakfast after a night of celebration in the Inn.

Quintus collected his dead pool bet and, at 5 to 1 odds, earned substantial gold (we didn’t role play this). I believe it was a 100 gp bet…?

As various plans were discussed, Stick departed to the nearby Ardeep forest to visit a Monastery of the Yellow Rose there. Shortly thereafter, Miraclemiss appeared with a companion. She introduced Starcast, a young warrior to you.

Starcast, greeted each of you and explained that she was a retired adventurer (retired at 18 or 19 no less). She was a member of the adventuring company known as Order of the Phoenix. The Order of Phoenix is known to have helped locate and return the Tablets of Fate which brought the Time of Troubles to a close. So, this pretty young warrior now seated with you was a genuine hero of the Realms.

Eventually, Starcast revealed that Miraclemiss had suggested that she meet with your party and Brie in particular. Starcast offered to loan Brie her sword. When Brie grasped the sword, it said her name was Gwendolyn. It turns out that Gwendolyn is an actually Holy Avenger paladin weapon. She will allow herself to be wielded on by someone “most pure of heart”.

Apparently, Brie passed the test because Gwendolyn accepted her. (It will be interesting to see if Joe can maintain this standard … [insert dungeon master smiling here] )

Miraclemiss then departed with Starcast back back to Arabel.

The rest of the day was spent trained with Starcast for martial skills and with Miraclemiss for Arcane arts.

After a long day of training, there wasn’t much time left for all of the other things on the to-do list including finding a tinker to fix AK47, identifying magic item or two, researching various things, finding trainers for certain proficiencies, preparing for the underdark, and (of course) finding that magic shop that sells tons of magical artifacts. I’m sure they will have Baba Yaga’s hut, the eye of Vecna, and Heward’s Mystical Organ on display there.

After you retired to your rooms, you were attacked. First you heard the howling of wolves outside and a moment later the sound of dogs barking. When you looked out the windows you could see nothing but impenetrable darkness.

Soon the attack came and you engaged the foes who turned out to be some sort of unnatural fiendish beasts with the heads of wolves and the body of spiders. As the fight ensued, the spider monsters were speaking in a mixture of common and a language no one recognized. The frequently talked about something called the I’Kolindo.

As they said this word, most of the creatures focused their attacks on Quintus. Eventually, one of the things managed to bind him in webs and pulled Quintus out the window of the Inn. The beasts were trying to pull Quintus through a nearby portal but, the party manage to defeat all of them before the portal was reached.

After the battle you regrouped and breathed a sigh of relief. Quintus used his magical Rod part to cast cure light wounds. Unfortunately, this seemingly caused another portal to open and more howling spider beasts began to appear.

At this point the camera zoomed out and brought episode 11 to a close. We will pick up with an imminent battle next episode.

Up from under the mountain
Choosing a new Ark

The Legion of Hope found themselves in a corridor that led to a circular room with a well in the center of it. Upon entering they were attacked by a silent Ochre Jelly. Battle ensued. Safwin the bold tried to live up to his name and make a bold flying attack but, it turned out the well was part of a gravity trap. He was pulled into the well by the powerful gravitational force. Fortunately he used his wings and flying ability to avoid half of the damage.

You were able to beat up the two jellies without any problems as Brie shrugged off the special grappling attack from one of the jellies.

In the mean time, your missing rogue Quintus, found himself in Arabel in front of his mother’s modest dwelling (still wearing his fancy tux from Shemeska’s stocked closet of formal-wear). A fond reunion of mother and son ensued. After Quintus tried to question his mother about his bracers , Jhaunadyl suggested that Quintus should visit his father. Then she apparently regretted the suggestion and clammed up. The only further information Quintus received from her on the subject was that his father’s name started with the letter E and his resided in Shadowdale. Still she did speak rather fondly of the old scoundrel (as she called him).

Time was passing so, Quintus kissed his mother on the cheek and bid her farewell. He then used the crystal ball to contact Vangerdahast who was impatiently waiting for an update from you company. Quintus was able provide the royal mage with some answers. He was quite relieved to hear that Miraclemiss had been located. However, the fact that the Ark of Souls had not been located did not please him.

A war wizard, Flabbergast, was dispatched to teleport Quintus back to Waterdeep.

As this was happening the rest of the party gathered their wits and decided to leave the dungeon. It was time for some badly needed training. Plus, they needed to try to figure out what happened to their missing companion. Due in part, to Fria’s tracking skills and the marks that Safwin had been leaving the party was able to find their way back to the entry chamber without any trouble.

They were raised up into the Yawning Portal and, over a well earned flagon of ale, began to discuss what to do next.

Eventually, Quintus arrived and joined you. He noticed a dog following him as he make the walk into the city.

You were astonished when a brash dandy, who was a drow of all things, caught Fria’s eye and came over to introduce himself. He was none other than Jarlaxle Baenre. Eventually, he waved his companion over, a loud dwarf named Athrogate.

Jarlaxle told Fria that he had information for her and could help her. He appeared sincere. Fria eventually went of with him for a private conversation.

Backtracking a little, when Quintus appeared Miraclemiss leapt up from her seat in the booth and all but demanded the crystal ball (which she kept by the way). She immediately asked to be lowered back down the well. Safwin and Quintus went down with her.

She proceded to step just out of the entry room and then invoked the crystal ball. Soon an image appeared. It was the artifact that you have been searching for, THE ARK OF SOULS!!!!!

Unfortunately, you scryed just in time to see it carried through a portal into a distant land. It was carried by four 8 or 9 foot tall skeletons and behind it an obviously powerful robed undead creature that floated along.

Some final odds and ends
*You are able to train. We will pick up certain individuals training next session as their may be story hooks that come to light.
*Flabbergast provided earrings of message to Quintus which he distributed to you.
*Miraclemiss teleported Haldir back to the Curiosities and Acquisitions shop and provided secure storage for your extra items. Haldir left half of the uncut gems there (also the giant emerald I assume)

At the end of the day, Fria informed the party that she was under the effects of a geas spell. He great uncle, the archmage of her house had cast the spell on her. However, Jarlaxle had told her that it was part of a plot from her mother Chenzira who is the matron mother of the house.

She went on to say that Jarlaxle suggested that she might be able to persuade her great uncle to remove the geas if she spoke to him directly. This means traveling to the drow city in disguise to clandestinely gain audience with the powerful mage. Jarlaxle offered Fria disguises with both magical and non-magical elements to them.

Fria then asked for her companions help on her quest. This brought the evening to a close and the camera zoomed out with the Legion of Hope deep in conversation.

Now that's a party
City of doors

In the aftermath of the battle with the gelatinous cube the party took stock of the surroundings. There was no sign of Quintus.

Haldir took some time to identify the items found in the remains of the cheese and chocolate.

Miraclemiss appeared to come to her senses but, has little left in the way of spells remaining.

You found an infernal note signed by a fiend, Big Al. Apparently, he is the pit fiend that appeared from the mirror of summoning. Miraclemiss advised you that this is something to be used only in the direst of circumstances.

At a loss of what to do, the remaining members of the Legion of Hope decided to continue the search for the Ark of Souls.

You found a storage room with a band of Orcs who appeared to be resting. They looked rather beat up. They did not attack. Instead they merely growled and gestured for you to leave. Ignoring them you boldly walked right past and exited the room on the other side, resuming your journey.

As you traveled, Alex malfunctioned and his right arm fell of. Unfortunately, no one in the party has the necessary skill to fix him. Alex indicated that his maker, Tomble Quarterwidget, could repair him. You found a logo for Tomble’s shop but, you have no idea where the shop may be.

You came upon a hallway with iron rungs in the wall. You climbed up and found a series of 4 foot high passages. You discovered an animated sword with the soul of Harrikas inside of it. Fria picked up the sword. (see the loot page for a description)

In the mean time, Quintus hired Nurika as his tout and she helped him dress for the ongoing party in Shemeshka’s manse. He looks fantastic in formal garb including some rather valuable cuff links (200 gp/ea).

Quintus eventually accepted a deal from Shemeshka. He allowed her to cast a Geas spell on himself. The object of the spell was to retrieve an item, a statue of an oriental dragon. The item was in the possession of another fiend. An arcanaloth known as A’kin the The Friendly Fiend. A’kin can be found in his shop in the lower ward of the city known as the Friendly Fiend Curio Shop.

Nurika helped Quintus find a shop in the Lower Ward. Luckily, Quintus had a few of the gems from Dumathoin’s bounty on him. He had given one to Nurika to hire her as a tout. Even uncut, these gems far exceeded her value as a tout so she offered to cover the cost of the items purchased from A’kin’s shop.

Despite Quintus’s obvious wealth, he an Nurika made it to and back from the Lower Ward of Sigil, The City of Doors, without incident. Shemeshka lived up to her end of the bargain and transported him home. This turns out to be the City of Westport, hundreds of miles from Waterdeep.

Fortunately, Quintus remembered he was in possession of the crystal ball. He used it to contact the royal war wizard Vangerdahast who dispatched a war wizard to teleport Quintus just outside of Waterdeep.

At that point we left the party as it prepared to enter the next chamber and while Quintus is in the midst of returning to the Yawning Portal.

Mirror Mirror
Favorite foe party time

Legion of hope completed it’s rest without any issues. However, Miraclemiss remained very groggy, still suffering the effects of the various poisons that the drow dosed her with.

After searching the area you moved on. You found another Ettin. Although it struck hard and true you managed to ruin its lunch after Fria shoved her sword through one of the heads.

You found a strange throne. It was facing a blank wall which made no sense to any of you. The throne was apparently carved out of a single block of marble. It had sweeping arms that ended in candlestick holders. There was a candle in one of the arms. Quintus cleverly cut the candle in half and with two half sized candles in the candle holders he lit them and a secret door in the blank wall retracted into the ceiling.

The secret room on the other side turned out to be a temple to the dwarven god Dumathoin. There was an alter of solid gold in the shape of an anvil on a raised dais. There were four empty coffers in the corners of the room. After a few rounds of gingerly searching the room you heard marching footstep approaching.

A squad of heavily armed dwarven warriors arrived with a very ornately armored dwarf paladin in the middle. He was introduced as high lord Fitzchivalry. He thanked you for treating Dumathoin’s temple with respect. He proceeded to make some quick adjustments to Brie’s new scale armor and it now fits her perfectly.

Upon departing, Fitzchivalry mentioned that Dumathoin often shares the fruits of the earth with those worthy. You opened the four coffers and found wealth beyond imagination. You found 444 uncut Jacinths, 444 star sapphires, 444 (hmm…i forget which kind of gem) and in the last coffer there was a single emerald the size of a large human skull. Each of the gems will be valued at 5000 gp when cut. The emerald is so large even Quintus could not appraise it.

Moving on, you encountered Alex the Autognome. He was stuck in this secret room and just like H.R. Maxwell is quite lonely. Apparently his directives are to protect gnomes, protect women and children, and protect attractive woman. Alex Ka-bar 47 is currently following Fria after selecting her as the one most in need of protection.

You proceeded on and eventually found your way to a room with a large tapestry on the south wall. There turned out to be a magical mirror that the tapestry was covering. Safwin the bold now recalls that there were some rumors about a mirror that read ones mind and produced whatever foe was in the victoms mind at the moment.

And.. it DOES!!!!

A number of creatures showed up including some skeletons, a small dragonette, a pit fiend, a chocolate-covered-pizza-stuffed gelatinous cube and last but not least Shimeshka the Marauder appears. At that point a confusing battle erupted. Shimeshka, who was dressed to the nines, proceeded to banish both the pit fiend and Quintus. YIKES! … Marg then blasted the skeletons to smithereens with her holy mojo leaving only the chocolate pizza cube which you quickly beat into a cheesy mess.

Brie healed the dragonette which was clearly ailing. It still looked sickly and hungry. Brie fed it a tasty piece of sausage from the remains of the pizza mess. However, you think it only ate that because of how hungry was. Although it has perked up a little, it still seems rather week and sickly. It’s hide and scales are completely a pasty grey color. You think some fresh meat might be something it would enjoy.

In the mean time, Quintus found himself in a fantastic mansion in the midst of an elaborate party. Shimeshka patted him on his face with an elegantly furry paw and was quickly surrounded by well dressed guests who began to engage her attention. He looked outside and saw smoggy hazy air, crowded streets, and a strange variety of humanoid creatures all going about their business. Strangely the horizon curved up in the distance.

As he stood around, confused, on the balcony of this mansion a very attractive blue skinned tiefling named Nurika. Nurika led Quintus upstairs into a guest bedroom and opened closet full of formal attire. However, Quintus feeling rather awkward declined to change his clothes in front of her. She pouted just a little but, quickly threw him a mischievous wink and smiled at him.

At this point, the camera zoomed out and we leave with the image of the remaining members of the Legion of Hope wondering how to find their missing companion.


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